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 to the Village of Carp
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Congratulations Carp, on your 160th Anniversary 1844-2004!

160th Anniversary of Carp Village is based on research published in The Origins and Early History of Carp Village by Bruce S. Elliott (p.10 -11)

On 3 August, 1844, James Paul, an Irish shoemaker, about 24 years of age, purchased in Carp, half an acre near the present Swan Pub, and on that site began to operate his shoemaker business. This is the first proven non-agricultural business on a site in Carp.

In 1847-1847 James Paul moved his shoemaker business to Pembroke.

The Origin of the name Carp has never been established. Pioneer records indicate that there never were carp in the river, but that there were thousands upon thousands of suckers and mud pout in the river. For the people who lived by or near the banks of Carp River in the 1860's and later, the suckers were literally "meat on the table".

The Carleton Saga, written by Harry and Olive Walker, gives the following conjecture (p.422):

"When the writer researched the origin of the name Carp as it applied to the river and the village, a student of nonmenclature in Montreal, Herman J. Rolland, wrote the following possible explanation: "The French word for sucker is "carpe", and it would seem ot me that coureurs de bois may have given the name "Carpe" to the river, as they must have known of its fishing conditions, and later on the village possible adopted the name of the river"

The sucker depicted on this poster is common in eastern North American creeks & rivers.

While you 're enjoying the CARP FARMERS' MARKET be sure to visit the:

- Diefenbunker, Canada 's Cold War Museum
- Village Art Gallery
- Historical Cheshire Cat Pub
- Lightplane rides at the Carp Airport
- 7 area golfcourses
- 6 area riding stables
- Stan 's Mini-Putt
- The Swan Pub
- Fitzroy Provincial Park
- Pakenham 's historical 5-span bridge

....plus many more restaurants and services in and around the village of Carp
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Cheshire Cat Pub

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Carp Airport
  If You 're Staying A While...

- Green Elms Farm Bed & Breakfast   832-1026
- Kirkstone House Bed & Breakfast   831-8805
- Stonebridge B & B (year round)
- and Tea Room (May till Oct)   624-5431


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Pakenham 's 5-span bridge
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7 area golfcourses
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Fitzroy Provincial Park